Schoeller® Dynatec

Schoeller® Dynatec is a hard-wearing fabric with good protective properties and a high level of stability. The fabric complies with the highest possible demands of public authorities, is pleasant to the touch and has an attractive appearance.

Durability is optimised by the high fibre density of the material. The fabric has a Nanosphere coating and therefore doesn't absorb moisture and offers protection against water and dirt.


The Cordura® fabric provides rugged durable performance. The Cordura® fabric is constructed with qualifying yarns which are woven in accordance with INVISTA® approved fabric standards.

Damen Motorcycle clothing uses 500D Cordura® fabric. The fluorescent colours of this fabric fulfil the EN-20471 standards for high visibility clothing, which applies as standard with public authorities. Because of its exceptional strength to weight ratio, the Cordura® 500 is extremely comfortable to wear.

Damen Polyester 600D

This fabric is made from a 600D polyester fabric. Because of the high denier (600D), the fabric is strong, hard-wearing and extremely comfortable to wear.

3M™ Scotchlite™

3M™ Scotchlite™ is a pioneer in developing the science behind retroreflection.

Damen Motorcycle clothing uses 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflection in the form of binding, 3 cm and 5 cm and piping. By combining this reflection with the fluorescent fabrics, the clothing fulfils the EN-20471 standard that is used by the public authorities as the standard for high visibility clothing for professional use.

Kevlar® Stretch

Kevlar® is the registered trademark for a para-aramid synthetic fibre, developed by Dupont in 1965.

Damen Motorcycle clothing uses Kevlar® stretch to improve the comfort of its clothing, without compromising on safety. It is mainly used for joints, such as the groin area, the hollows of the elbows and knees and armpits.

Damen Performance leather

Damen Performance leather is used in products that have to perform. This full-grain leather is known for its wear resistance and durability. This type of leather is covered with a protective layer, meaning it shows no colour nuances and allowing it to be used intensively.

Damen Comfort leather

The products made from Damen Comfort leather are extremely user friendly. This full-grain leather is extremely durable and breathable and functions almost like a second skin. Perfect for long touring trips. This type of leather is covered with a protective layer, meaning it shows no colour nuances and allowing it to be used intensively. This makes the leather easy to maintain and clean.

Damen Retro leather

Damen Retro leather is an aniline leather; the characteristic of this leather is that the surface feels soft, smooth and warm. As this leather is not coated, it has a natural appearance. Over time, the leather will show signs of use, meaning the jacket or trousers will really come to life.

Hydrophobic leather

Hydrophobic leather is a water-repellent leather that is used by Damen in combination with the Cordura® 500D and Schoeller® Dynatec fabrics. In chemistry, hydrophobicity is the physical property of a molecule (known as a hydrophobe) that is repelled from a mass of water. The leather therefore does not absorb any water.

Damen Kangaroo leather

Kangaroo leather is used by Damen to line sports gloves. Kangaroo leather is thin and elastic and therefore feels comfortable.

This material is a strong lightweight leather which originates from the skin of the kangaroo. Because of the powerful tensile force of this type of leather, a piece of kangaroo leather has a higher wear value than cowhide, therefore a piece of thin kangaroo leather can offer high protection.

Damen Wool Comfort liner

Wool provides perfect insulation against the cold. The small curled fibres of the wool trap air, which is a poor conductor of heat and keeps the cold at bay.
 Wool can also absorb a lot of moisture, up to 40 percent of its own weight, from the air, without feeling damp.

The removable woollen comfort liner is naturally highly elastic, meaning it always returns to its original form. The lining therefore feels soft and comfortable.

Damen Comfort Thermo liner

The zip-off thermal lining is suitable for use in cold conditions. The thermofibre is lined with a sort of aluminium layer, which makes this highly reflective. This lining retains the body heat and repels the cold outside air.

Damen Sport Mesh liner

This perforated lining is used in race suits and two-piece suits. In combination with perforated leather, the Sport Mesh liner will keep you cool in mild to very hot conditions. It is therefore idea to use in the spring and summer during intensive trips and competitions.

Damen Sport Performance liner

The removable Damen Sport Performance liner provides excellent ventilation and moisture removal, preventing the lining from sticking to the body. This liner therefore feels comfortable and dry during intensive trips.


Neoprene is a development by DuPont, the company which also invented Kevlar and Nylon. Neoprene feels soft and smooth and is often used in diving and swimming sports because of its buoyancy and comfort.

Damen uses neoprene in areas where there may be friction, such as the wrist and neck, to offer a greater level of comfort during long and intensive trips.

D-TEX 3-layer Membrane

The D-TEX 3-layer developed by Damen is a removable waterproof membrane built up of 3 layers. This means that the membrane is laminated on both sides, which adds to the durability. The D-TEX 3-layer is a breathable waterproof layer, that is also extremely flexible. For example, on hot days you can zip off a layer, which means that by also opening any Airvents, the clothing offers additional ventilation and therefore helps to cool you down.

D-TEX 2-layer Membrane

The D-TEX 2-layer developed by Damen is a breathable waterproof membrane that is attached inside the jacket or trousers beneath the outer fabric. The jacket or trousers are therefore always rainproof.

Damen Superfabric®

Superfabric® Advanced Materials are specifically designed for durability during the toughest conditions and everyday use.

Damen uses Superfabric® in many of its sports gloves to provide the wrist with extra protection in the event of a fall. The Superfabric® wrist protection that is used is scratch and cut-resistant, therefore considerably reducing the risk of an injury to the wrist in the event of a crash.


A scaphoid (metacarpal) injury is the most common hand injury during a fall from a bike, caused by the grab effect when the palm of the hand makes contact with the ground. This unpleasant injury can be prevented by the SPS Scaphoid Protection System, patented by KNOX.  The system works by attaching 2 plastic parts to the palm of the glove; these plastic parts act as a slider, eliminating the grab effect and scaphoid injuries.

SAS-TEC Protection

The German company SAS-TEC makes very high-quality soft foam protectors, which offer excellent safety functions. These visco-elastic protectors offer comfortable seated protection, with the highest possible safety. The SAS-TEC protectors used by Damen are certified at the highest standard, Level 2.

Damen SW Protection

The Damen SW protection is used as standard in the jackets and trousers of Damen Motorcycle clothing and meets the requirements of EN-1621-2, 2014. This protection standard is the standard for the clothing worn by professional motorcyclists. The characteristic of these protectors, made from memory foam, is that they respond to the shape of the body when warmed up by the body's heat.

The shoulder - elbow - and knee protectors are CE certified with the highest possible Level (2). The back protection that is used as standard is Level 1; this can also be obtained with Level 2 certification.

Betac™ protection

The protection produced by the Italian company, Betac™ is Level 2 certified and is mainly used in one-piece race suits. Through the outstanding attenuation value and the size of the protection, this is very popular amongst (professional) motorcyclists who ride circuits.

Damen Motorcycle clothing uses Betac™ protection in the shoulders, elbows and knees in one-piece race suits and two-piece suits. The clothing therefore fulfils the highest possible protection certification.