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Zolder Evo Racing Suit
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Neoprene is a development by DuPont, the company which also invented Kevlar and Nylon. Neoprene feels soft and smooth and is often used in diving and swimming sports because of its buoyancy and comfort.

Damen uses neoprene in areas where there may be friction, such as the wrist and neck, to offer a greater level of comfort during long and intensive trips.

Damen Performance leather

Damen Performance leather is used in products that have to perform. This full-grain leather is known for its wear resistance and durability. This type of leather is covered with a protective layer, meaning it shows no colour nuances and allowing it to be used intensively.

Damen SW Protection

The Damen SW protection is used as standard in the jackets and trousers of Damen Motorcycle clothing and meets the requirements of EN-1621-2, 2014. This protection standard is the standard for the clothing worn by professional motorcyclists. The characteristic of these protectors, made from memory foam, is that they respond to the shape of the body when warmed up by the body's heat.

The shoulder - elbow - and knee protectors are CE certified with the highest possible Level (2). The back protection that is used as standard is Level 1; this can also be obtained with Level 2 certification.

Damen Sport Mesh liner

This perforated lining is used in race suits and two-piece suits. In combination with perforated leather, the Sport Mesh liner will keep you cool in mild to very hot conditions. It is therefore idea to use in the spring and summer during intensive trips and competitions.