Taking care of your gear. With our repair and maintenance service, your motorcycle clothing is always in good hands.

We take care of your motorcycle gear at our workshop in Breda.  If your motorcycle clothing is damaged, requires maintenance or needs cleaning, we will gladly address this. We will take care of your motorcycle clothing on your behalf and will carry out whatever work you require.


If you didn't manage to escape unscathed, we will be happy to help. You are welcome to utilise our services for the repair of all brands of motorcycle clothing. We identify the problems and decide on the most appropriate way of repairing your motorcycle clothing to get it back in a top-notch condition, enabling you to get back safely on your bike.

Comfortable to ride in

Every biker is unique. That is why, through our tailor-made service, we offer personalised motorcycle clothing to you. We adapt the motorcycle clothing according to your requirements, to ensure that your dreams of comfortable motorcycle riding become a reality. Through the use of highly renowned fabrics, leather, reflection and protection, you can hit the road properly protected and feeling comfortable.


To ensure you can enjoy your motorcycle clothing for a very long time, it has to be washed in a certain way. Damen offers a cleaning service for leather motorcycle clothing, to ensure optimum protection of the material and to ensure that the fit of the clothing is maintained. During the cleaning process, the exterior is cleaned thoroughly and leather is nourished using a special conditioner. You can wash textile motorcycle clothing yourself in the washing machine with Techwash (special detergent for technical waterproof fabrics).

Rates for repair and maintenance

We charge different rates for the repair of different materials and accessories. Depending on your requirements and the condition of your motorcycle clothing, you will be given a personal price for the work to be performed. There are fixed rates for cleaning your leather jacket, leather trousers and race suits: jacket or trousers € 50,-, race suit (two-piece suits) € 75,-. It is not possible to have your textiles washed with us. If any damage is discovered to your motorcycle clothing during the cleaning process, we will discuss this with you to find out whether you would like us to repair it at the same time.

Questions? Please contact us

If you have any questions, remarks or if you would like to immediately arrange an appointment, please contact us. We will be pleased to be of service to you.