Everyone is unique. At Damen, we can tailor-make anything especially for you.

Every motorcycle rider is different, which is why we offer a tailor-made service, to develop clothes that will provide optimum comfort whilst you are riding. We achieve this aim by ensuring that the motorcycle clothing is perfectly tailored to your measurements and by only using highly standardised fabrics and leather. For quality that you can rely on.

Quality to rely on

Safety always comes first. To experience safety at every speed, Damen delivers high-end bespoke clothing. Using the highest quality leather and effective stitching methods, we develop motorcycle clothing with a dynamic design. The motorcycle clothing does not interfere with speed and guarantees safety.

Comfortable to ride in

Every biker is unique. That is why, through our tailor-made service, we offer personalised motorcycle clothing to you. We adapt the motorcycle clothing according to your requirements, to ensure that your dreams of comfortable motorcycle riding become a reality. Through the use of highly renowned fabrics, leather, reflection and protection, you can hit the road properly protected and feeling comfortable.

Customised clothing to enjoy

Everyone is different. That is why Damen's tailor-made service offers you the option of having motorcycle clothing tailor-made especially for you. After precisely taking your body measurements, perfectly fitting motorcycle clothing is produced for you which is safe and comfortable to ride in.

Arrange an appointment for personal tailor-made motorcycle clothing

We are also able to accommodate any special requirements or specific material preferences you may have. We also offer a repair and maintenance service. Please contact us using the contact form and arrange an appointment with us for tailored advice. We will be pleased to be of service to you.

Questions? Please contact us

If you have any questions, remarks or if you would like to immediately arrange an appointment, please contact us. We will be pleased to be of service to you.