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Marvin Fritz (DE) - WSBK STOCK 1000 / 24h Le Mans

Marvin Fritz (d.o.b. 20 April 1993) is a German motorcycle racer who is considered to be one of the country's greatest talents. He achieved his impressive success in 2016, when he won the IDM Superbike championship. In 2017, Marvin Fritz achieved second place in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.



Jeffrey Buis is the youngest offspring of Team Damen. Following the training classes Molenaar NSF 100 cup and Moriwaki 250 cc cup, since 2017 he has ridden the German NEC MOTO3 championship.


Wayne Tessels (d.o.b. 21 April 1994) has ridden in Damen Leathers since the start of his career.  Following the regular National Championships, he made his début in the 2013 European Superstock 600. In the year straight after that, he came 2nd in this same championship! He currently rides in the European Superstock 1000 and 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Molenaar NSF 100 CUP

'They are never too young to learn' is the motto of the NSF 100 cup organised by Arie Molenaar. They offer boys and girls, between the ages of 10 and 14 years, the chance to have a taster of road racing. Damen provides the full clothing set, therefore supporting the youngest talents in motorsports.


The KTM RC390 cup is a training class in which the participants use the same motorcycles. In conjunction with Vos Oss, Damen supplies a customised one-piece race suit, including knee sliders and gloves. This is how Damen supports the Dutch talents on their path towards European success.